Samruddhi Industries Limited

Research & Development

In Year 2015 Samruddhi established its Technology Center to integrate its research, development, production and engineering departments, and act as the headquarters of technology development for the entire company. The center continues to strengthen and expand this role today, developing advanced & Innovative products and creating new businesses by bringing together R&D of the increasingly globalized Samruddhi Group.

By centralizing all R&D functions, and gathering specialists in a wide range of fields into an undivided R&D organization, the Technology Center exhibits comprehensive capabilities, promotes fusion of technologies, and creates new technologies and Innovative products. In addition, this approach enables active use of technologies and findings from many fields to resolve issues in a single field of business, and speedy rollout of various new products in multiple businesses.

Based on this type of R&D system, we are moving forward while integrating global development with super-continuity and Japanese- style innovation. We carry out persistent R&D, from a long-term perspective that is unswayed by current trends, in order to realize the genuin innovation which creates economic value.

R&D Objectives
  • Excel in the field of design by implementing new technologies and new ideas.
  • Develop ergonomic products which are easy to use, handle and longer lasting.
  • Reduce cost of existing products by developing new manufacturing techniques and methods.
  • Recycling of waste to new products.

R&D Center Capabilities
  • Product Design Software – Cimatron and CAD/CAM software for manufacturing & Tooling.
  • Proto Development using 3D Printing.
  • Instrumentation Lab consisiting of
    • Izod Impact Tester.
    • Melt Flow Tester.
    • Density Tester

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